Amanda Sandroni


Having spent much of her childhood on a farm, and in 4H showing cows, goats and pigs, her imitations of farm animals are pretty spot-on. In addition to her penchant for carrying around bales of hay, she was also actively involved in chorus and musical theater growing up. Amanda is a recent graduate of Towson University with a Bachelor of Science in Music Education. One of Amanda’s greatest strengths is how she cares about other people, so naturally, her role in GQ tends to be directed towards what we can give back to the community and to others. She also is the most perfect barbershop tenor in the world, who never gets any notes from coaches…. (but we’re not bitter…nope)

Amanda is the vocal music teacher at Chapel Hill Elementary in Baltimore, MD.

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  1. This message is meant for the four of you. I’m sure this will probably sound very ‘same old’, but some things bear repeating. Since falling on your FB post last week, my husband and I have become addicted to you. Your site really ought to have a warning and a helpline! LOVE the selections, the delivery and, of course, your sound. Thank you for such pleasurable listening. Now when can I get your rendition of ‘Something Good-Happy Together’ on my iPod? Continue having fun with your music. It’s the best balm for the soul! Carole

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