Ali Hauger


Ali graduated from Towson with an Early Childhood Education degree. As our resident barbershopper, Ali has an impressive rap sheet. She has been singing with The Dundalk Chorus of SAI Region 19 since 2005, with a total of 16 years as a Sweet Adeline. In 2008 her quartet Whole ‘Lotta Harmony was named Rising Star Champions. They also went on to win the Region 19 competition in 2011. After moving to Orlando, FL in 2016, she joined Toast of Tampa Show Chorus and is an active member of the visual team.

Ali is a kindergarten teacher at Sawgrass Bay Elementary in Orlando, FL.

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3 thoughts on “Ali Hauger

  1. After meeting Ali at the YHF (youth harmony festival (2015) I am inspired to reareascherch deeper into barbershop quartet.

  2. I saw your video in YouTube for the very 1st time a couple of days ago. Your Q sand Fir all my Life. I was so blown away with your harmonies, especially your lead and voice! I’ve watched it a few times and will be buying some of your music soon!! Just wanted to let you know how beautiful your music is and to thank you for making our lives better with your sound!

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