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When GQ first started singing together in July of 2011, they knew right away they had something unique. Each voice brought an important quality to the group’s sound. They knew they wanted to try and stay away from traditional a cappella arrangements and explore songs and sounds that weren’t common.

GQ has a passion for being true to a sound that is uniquely their own, and to vocal music education for young singers. Each member of GQ is involved in music education and continue to pursue their own careers in the arts and education. They have traveled the U.S. and have performed in Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, and England. They have been featured on A Prairie Home Companion twice, and have made waves on the internet with a YouTube video reaching almost 7 million hits.

Music Videos:

Pity Party – BHS Finals Charlotte 2022

Finals Set – SAI Finals New Orleans 2019

Something/Happy Medley

Ode to Joy (with Ambassadors of Harmony and Vocal Majority)

How Great Thou Art

Water Fountain


Foreign Lander

Awards and Recognition:

2022 BHS International Quartet Finalists – 4th Place
2022 BHS Mid-Atlantic Central Division Quartet Champions
2020 BHS Awards Gala – Album of the Year
2020 CARA Award – Best Barbershop Song: “Pity Party” arranged by Patrick McAlexander
2020 CARA Award – Best Barbershop Album – GQ Vol. III
2020 SAI International Quartet Finalists – 3rd Place
2019 SAI Region 19 Quartet Champions
2018 SAI International Quartet Finalists – 5th Place
2017 SAI International Quartet Finalists – 7th Place
2016 SAI Region 19 quartet champions
2015 SAI International Quartet Finalists – 11th Place
2015 Barbershop Barbie Award – Most Likely to Succeed
2014 SAI Region 19 Quartet Champions
2013 Awarded a spot on Sing 10 Complication Album
2013 Awarded a spot on Voices Only III Compilation Album
2013 Awarded a spot on BOWA Compilation Album
2013 CARA Award – Best Barbershop Song: “Ebb Tide”
2013 CARA Award – Best Barbershop Album
2013 Barbershop Barbie Award – Album of the Year
2013 ACA Award- Favorite Group without vocal percussion
2013 ACA Award – Favorite Barbershop Group
2013 SAI Region 19 quartet champions
2012 SAI Rising Star Champions
2012 Aca-Idol SingStrong (first place and audience favorite)
2012 National Harmony Sweepstakes Second place and best arrangement for “Timshel”
2012 Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes: First place, Audience Favorite and Best Arrangement for “Timshel”

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  1. Yeah, great job at internationals. I was telling my friend about it and looking for a video. Do you know if there is one?

  2. Watching you streaming online on prairie hime companion right now. Great job!

  3. My Dad has been in barbershop for 50 years, you have an amazing blend, sound, keep up the great work!

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